STH Consult

STH Consult GmbH is a management consultancy with many facets, an excellent partner network, providing unique business solutions. Coaching people and enterprises to identify and strengthen their potential is a core competence. Management of projects, product development and investment strategies, as well as the identification of potential investors and partners, are supporting core competencies.


08. December 2016
Waste Management – International Investor and Partner in request more


We believe in the critical importance of Coaching: to develop the presence, the potential and the energy of people – Human Coaching  – and organizations – Corporate Coaching.



Project support, special duties and Project Coaching to strategy projects, sensitive projects and critical projects are our subject area



The specific mediation and search of goods and projects, whether to new technologies, or also to „commodities“, as well as the mediation of investors, investments or buyers and suppliers is an essential core competence and base of our services